Amazing journalistic photography

The winners of the Picures Of The Year  (POY) contest – the 75th – have captured incredible images. In my view the choice of journalistic photograph(er)s is more than okay. But have a look yourself.1)About POY


1st place, General News, Kevin Frayer, »Untitled«


2nd place, General News, Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times, »Make America Great Again«


3rd place, General News, Santi Donaire, »Untitled«


There are some more shots that I would consider more than just »worth mentioning«.

3rd place, Spot News, Carlos Becerra, »Burned«


Award of Excellence, Toby Melville/REUTERS, »London attacks« *

* this would have been my crop of the shot – slightly off center. 😉

On a sidenote: As much as I like the choice of the jury, the site of POY needs a major overhaul. Their internal link-system is – weird, to say the least. Some links are broken, like the prominent one in the header to Reynolds Journalism Institute, to which POY is related in some (which?) way.

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1. About POY

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